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Hey this is (bloodyrose/HeartFox Or you can call me Zoey DON't take my old usernames I MAY Go BACK To IT) I have so many Otps I'm working on a story right now so it may be a while . I LOVE DISNEY a lot and I'm a supernatural fan ❤️ true love only happens in our OTPS also for our YouTubebers
I love Fantasy books �� just NotHP aka Harry Potter PS I Don't READ POPULAR BOOKS BECAUSE WHY READ WHAT everyone else wants to read When you can read your own or the least popular in my opinion they Suck.
Also I write AUs storyies sometimes.

I hope you like my movellas and I hope you fan me I love all my fans aka my stars.

Also I hate One Direction Sorry Not Sorry

Winner for best FanFiction in the Christmas Advent Calendar Competition:�� CoffeeHouse Supernatural fanfic. In 2016

Two Quotes by me: If I where the droplets of the rain. I would be heartbroken forever and the lighting will hid my fake smile and pain forever. ~Fantasygirl1
Other one: writing by me The first story is sad,the Second time you heard it, it's brings a pain to your heart~ Fantasygirl1

Ps I'm fangirl so don't make me mad

My world is just different than yours and that's okay.
Song lyrics writer✍��❤️
And storyies writer����
Quotes writer also✒️
My real pen name is: ZoeyAngelWings
Wattpad: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/eWm676LRfE
TVTime: https://www.tvtime.com/en/user/11339609/profile
Weheartit: https://weheartit.com/HeartFox

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    mumbled "Thank you for the 6k reads"

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    I kind had a bad day yesterday but right now I’m feeling better and happy a little bit
    🔐MyPoem’s Diary~ 2018💞Well to the admin 💕 Poem’s Diary~❤️ PLEASE DON’T TAKE ANY OF THOSE POEMS FOR THEY BELONG TO ME AND ME ALONE
    thanks for believing in me
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    This story is amazing
    The Lion who lost his Roar
    The Lion who lost...
    A friend of mine who was really loud went away and came back so quiet and I couldn't understand. This story popped into my mind I see it as a children's book
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    This is amazing you guys need to update
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