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hey there delilah whats it like in new york city im a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty yes you do times square cant shine as bright as you i swear its true hey there delilah dont you worry about the distance im right there if you get lonely give this song another listen close your eyes listen to my voice its my disguise im by your side oh its what you do to me oh its what you do to me oh its what you do to me oh its what you do to me what you do to me hey there delilah i know times are getting hard but just believe me girl someday ill pay the bills with this guitar well have it good well have the life we knew we would my word is good hey there delilah ive got so much left to say if every simple song i wrote to you would take your breath away id write it all even more in love with me youd fall wed have it all oh its what you do to me oh its what you do to me oh its what you do to me oh its what you do to me a thousand miles away seems pretty far but theyve got planes and trains and cars id walk to you if i had no other way our friends would all make fun of us and well just laugh along because we know that none of them have felt this way delilah i can promise you that by the way we get through the world will never ever be the same and youre to blame hey there delilah you be good and dont you miss me two more years and youll be done with school and ill be making history like i do youll know its all because of you we can do whatever we want to hey there delilah heres to you this ones for you oh its what you do to me oh its what you do to me oh its what you do to me oh its what you do to me what you do to me

  • do you call him angel

    mumbled "I'm so bad"

    It's been 5 months since I last posted anything and I feel so bad for that :'( but anyways! Life update is quick and clean:
    1) Broke up with my last boyfriend (very big family problems there) but we're still really good friends
    2) I got a haircut (not as awesome as @[Chelber] 's or anything but still a haircut, and the back of my head has been shaved away (in an undercut) and I have never stressed about my hair so much in my entire life
    3) I'm going on a (friend) date and I'm really hoping that it turns into a relationship...
    4) I have started a page on DeviantArt, hopefully to show off my work - it is all digital, mostly editing of photos I have found, but I am hoping that I can get a sketchpad to try at that
    5) My exams have just been and gone and I didn't fail any! :)
    6) I honestly have no interest in anything anymore: reading, writing, drawing, even talking to people, it's all very boring. Any suggestions for what I can do?

    Miss you all! Much love :) <3
    2 years ago
    Ayyyy undercuts are awesome!! I'm sure you look great! And hell, if you don't like, it's hair, it grows back :)
    What's you're deviantart? I have one too, I'll follow you ;)
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    mumbled "appREntLY MCDONALDS IS NOT FOOD"

    We're choosing our dinner and I'm getting so much sh*t for wanting Maccas. Like I'm fully craving a big mac but I have to get it myself cause no one is gonna go get it for me. I'm the only logical one in my family
    Enby Angel
    3 years ago
    I'll refrain from this argument then XD
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    mumbled "I'm Back and (slightly) Better Than Ever!"

    (Originally Fuyu Sunofureku or Leah) Hi guys! This is the third time I've had to write this because I have a new laptop and every time I pressed backspace it took me to the last page! Yay. Anyways, I would explain but I'll make it quick. I'm a foster kid. We're trying to find permanent placement. We found it. I'm dealing with some stuff to do with my family. I haven't really been bothered to do anything as such (apart from create 5 different fan accounts on IG *-*) so I'm putting effort in this year. I have some things to announce.

    1) I have a new laptop so I'm going to have a go as video editing - you can find me on IG at twowinchesters or my friends one at sammyatstanford or dean.w.freaks :)

    2) I have realised I am pansexual/heteroflexible purely because I'm more attracted to people's personalities then I am to looks, but looks do still play a small. very minor factor.

    3) My family drama is slowly dying down, and because of everything that has happened, my personality has changed a bit. I sort of pushed people away (some for good reason and some for not-such good reasons) and now I'm going to try to redeem myself

    4) I think I just got myself a boyfriend :D

    That will be all, I'm sorry for not being on and I'm sorry for being so distant.

    Au revoir <3
    do you call him angel
    @[Willow Angel] thank you again <3 and I am, really, I'm just a bit different from before. And of course we can, I'm going to try writing again but psychology and my school work are most important so I'll be doing that first. I miss talking to you, and I'll definitely talk to you more often. Until then, goodnight (even though it's only 8:35pm, I'm an old woman at heart) and I'll talk to you tomorrow. <3
    Enby Angel
    3 years ago
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    @[do you call him angel] <3 <3 <3
    do you call him angel
    @[Lozzie-san] thank you, and seriously, I'm probably not as strong as you think I am :') But the thought counts very much.
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    mumbled "Scariest Urban Legends"

    I got bored, and I know it's classtime, but we just were talking about radioactivity and whatnot and then we looked at the top ten most dangerous places in the world, so I kept clicking on the rest of the links and found one that has Top 15 Scariest Urban Legends and I found this one, I thought I should share.

    A game for kids like Bloody Mary, but with rules far more convoluted and terrifying – before midnight you write your name on paper and dot it with your own blood
    Turn off all your lights, place the paper in front of a closed door, put a candle on top of THAT and light it – then knock on the door 22 times with the 22nd knock at exactly midnight
    Then open the door, blow out the candle and close it again – relight the candle and the game begins
    The Midnight Man will wander through your home – if he catches you, you will die – the game ends at 3:33am but the Midnight Man may not actually leave after the game ends

    Well? Gonna play anytime soon?
    Asteria Grace
    4 years ago
    Definitely not gonna be paranoid about the Midnight Man while I try to sleep, yay. XD
    4 years ago
    *hides in the closet*
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    mumbled "Long time no see...?"

    So I feel like people are angry at me.
    Are you guys angry at me?
    Cause if you are I would like to know so that I can apologize.

    Also, my little sister is a SAVAGE. She's in year 3 (but she's 9 because she got kept down) and one of the kids in my year (I'm 14) pissed her off so she grabbed his middle finger (cause he gave her the bird) and BENT IT ALL THE WAY BACK so he started crying and then she punched him and now she's in trouble but everyone in my year hates him so everyone was cheering at me because she has saved everyone from his bullshit.
    In short, it's great.
    And because he kept finding ways to piss me off and I told my carer at home and I think my little sister heard me and I think she was trying to protect me...

    I love her so much :) :') :'( <3 <3 XD XD :)
    4 years ago
    I probably should be working but ah well. I'm not angry at you! Also give your sister a high five from me. Welp. My boss is coming back. Cya
    do you call him angel
    Cheers @[magetime29 ] I know you're not mad but thanks for the reassurance XD
    4 years ago
    I am not a person who is mad at you. :)
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