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Helloooooo internet!
You can ask me questions and I'll answer them in this space!
I've written four books before now and have decided to go for the competition on Movellas.com now ...

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    mumbled "One Direction Fanfics"

    Is it me, or are most the stories on movellas 1D fanfics? On the news feed thing on the right if my screen all I can see is: jjfnjwofn has written a new chapter of 'Me and Harry: lovers forever'. Is that normal for movellas?
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    mumbled "Fragments"

    Okay, so my new story is up and to all those from ffn: HI AND THANKS FOR COMING OVER! So, please read and review my story, it's so great to see what people think!
  • ZebedeeDaniels
    Millford you crazy bubblehead! when you told me 'ah my story isn't very good' i should have known how much you understated it! It's amazing and tres imaginative and rather cubesque at the same time.. ;p
    Excalibur ; The Boy who Harnessed the Light
    Excalibur ; The...
    I am Excalibur. I am one of the last children left on earth, and this is my story. When the solar flares caused superhuman abilities in Homo sapiens, a new race was born. These people have talents,...
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