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Hey! My name is Zea

  • zea_loves_Zayn_Malik
    My name is Zea or Zeze. I want Zayn. I have long curly brown hair. I dance and sing. I wanna open at a concert for One Direction and I want Zayn to fall in love with me and I want him to tell me after a couple concerts! Please and Thank You
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    Hey guys! I wanted to try out something new so I'm going to be writing One Direction imagines for you guys. Just comment below: your name, the 1D member you'd prefer and the rating that's best for you...
  • zea_loves_Zayn_Malik
    Hi! My name is Zea! I am 12 but could you make one where I am 19 and me and Zayn are best friends but then he admits he loves me as more than a best friend? Please and Thank You
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    HEY HEY HEY!! You want an imagine or a preference just comment!! :) THANKS!!!! LOVE YA DIRECTIONERS!!!
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