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Hii :))
I'm Zayn Malik
1/5 of One Direction
I love all our Directioners :)
I love my brothers :)
1/3 of the Fab3
Austina, Joshina,and me Zaynisha out fab you all!!
#Team1D #ZARRY

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    My sides hurt XD We need more memories. Like now.
    Our Moments <3
    Our Moments <3
    All The Shit Thats Happen To Us Made Us Who We Are & This Is How We Turned Out. #Idiots
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    mumbled "3 Years "

    I really can't believe it's been three years. Three years since X-Factor, WMYB, and meeting the boys. It's amazing how all of this happened in three years. But we couldn't have done it without our amazing directioners! Thank you guys for all the support, we wouldn't be where we are without any of you. Thank you for voting for us all the time and thank you for going to our shows. Thank you guys for everything and let's all hope for another three years :)
    Zayn xxx
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