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  • Yukiosan-Kinrao
    Name: Smokefrost
    Age: 16 moons
    Clan: Thunderclan
    Personality: Kind, quiet at first but loud once you get to know him. He is very sneaky and loves to cuddle with family or close ones. He also is very warm and loves to encourage others. He loves to play around like a kit at times but when serious he is very serious and won't crack at any expense.
    Description: light blueish gray tom with bright blue eyes and pure white paws. He has a white muzzle and white underbelly with a light gray nose. His tail is bigger and fluffy and has a white tip with a black ring around it.
    Mate: Sunspeckle
    Mate Definition: Golden she cat with white specks all over her body. She has a light tan underbelly with shiny green eyes.
    Kits: Fernbreeze, Brightblossom
    Warrior Cat RP
    Warrior Cat RP
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