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Heyy guys I've pretty much completely moved to wattpad now so if you like my stuff please check me out there. My usename is also YaPrtyMuch.
Thanks! <3

My ships

by , Wednesday May 3, 2017
My ships

These are all of my ships and the fandom they're from

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    Hey guys I pretty much only use Wattpad now so if you like my stuff find me there <3 My Wattpad username is YaPrtyMuch <333
  • YaPrtyMuch

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    Hey! If you read my story Outcasts then I just want to let you know it is done. There WILL be a sequel but I'm really happy to announce that I actually finished a fanfiction for once! If you haven't read it, please check it out, it's literally my pride and joy.
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    Hey guys, I'm not dead, just super inactive. If you like my stuff go check me out on Wattpad, I have the same username. I'll still update here, I just use Wattpad way more, sorry!
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    hmmm Has a Wattpad Account too... I but I have more freedom here to post my material... Wattpad is more "Restrictive" it seems... Even if it is a simple Science Fiction Story or Fantasy, even Fiction they seem to mis-classify and not allow it to be posted. (I don't have any Sex or graphic violence in them) It's kinda strange... might drop them if I cannot post some of my what I classify my best work...
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    This is rlly good and the characters are *ahem* realistic.
    Shut Up And Kiss Me (Josh Dun Fanfiction)
    Shut Up And Kiss...
    What happens when Alex is forced to move halfway across the country? Will she find love? Or will everything go downhill?
    1 years ago
    wow! much thank! v appreciate.
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