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I guarantee I may update everyday. So I hope you Luv my stories. Thank you for reading them!! Wove you!!!;) haha as a friendly way
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  • xxxBooBear21

    mumbled "Sorry **wattPad**"

    Sorry I haven't been updating I've been finishing my story on my Wattpad for Hey How Ya Doin Boy, and I might not be on this for awhile till I get to finish this story, and I'm almost done, so if you have the wattpad you should go read my story it's pretty cool I guess you can say that.
  • xxxBooBear21

    mumbled "New Cover "

    Okay so for some reason the cover I just had some reason wouldn't fit so I have to make a new one so here it is
    6 years ago
    @[xxxBooBear21] Hi, can you read my Movella? Leave it a Like and a comment? :)
    It's a Poem for everyone from Movellas, (2014) New Year's Eve x
    [2014] Happy Holidays! [New Year's...Happy Holidays Movellas & Fans, 2014 Will be another new year, we can forget about 2013. The Year some dread and the year some love. As for me, 2013...
  • xxxBooBear21

    mumbled "Surprise!"

    Okay so since Christmas was yesterday I will give you guys a surprise, I can't make my mind up, so since I'm working on three stories right now, I'm making a fourth one and I'm POSITIVE that I will make this story:
    'Teenage Hearts *Remake*'
    I will use the same characters Emmi,Niall,and different background maybe change the name did the other characters, I'm keeping Chase and Allison, so hope your excited!
  • xxxBooBear21

    mumbled "Wattpad"

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know I have a wattpad now well I got it yesterday cause I have no idea what the hell is a wattpad, so I got one and if you have one go check it out, it's Tiger_scar1 and check out a story I just downloaded, it's called Hey, How Ya Doin? Boy, and basically it's about a girl who was in a foster care when her dad is the Zayn Malik from One Direction and she been getting lot of problems but you have to read it to find out sood, so comment if you want me to upload that story on here if you don't have a wattpad, but if you do check it out. So see ya later...maybe.
    Paris Bowens
    6 years ago
    omg omg omg srry wrong page im so srry
    6 years ago
    It's ok
    Paris Bowens
    6 years ago
    I was supposed to put that on another comment cuz tigerbear was messing with my friend brit can u friend me
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