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I'm Kali,16. Im horrible at updating often, sometimes I get this huge inspiration to write alot and other times (which are most common) I barley write. And I'm apologizing ahead of time, so sorry!
Some things you might like to know about me.

-I love to read and write.
-I love anything horror..
-I want to travel the world.
-I like to think I'm kind of funny but I'm not I just copy what my friends say and tell it to other people.Yea I know sad.
-I think any racicism is stupid. I don't care if your gay, black, hispanic, muslium, whatever I don't care.Everyones the same.
-I love the paranormal. I guess I'm a weirdo freak who like to watch ghost shows, reads books like the Exorist.
-I want to work in Orphanages in foreign countries with Projects Abroad (look them up)
-I love to read. For real how can someone not?! It let's you be a whole different person. Like it's you whos the character and not the actually character.

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