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Sup, I'm trying my best at writing so it would be nice if you could maybe support me? The name is Jacob Matthews I hope we can try to get along and you can enjoy the stories/songs i write for all of you guys. Um, my older sister was the original owner of this acc so yeah. But in case you're wondering she started college and I kinda decided to live on the legacy? Haha, so I just wanted to clear that up

  • jacobmatts
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    I really liked it, my favourite one was lies. Keep writing it's really good and inspirational. :)
    give me feed back on it please! I will need help so any ideas or requests would be helpful. k these are sayings and poems. i hope you like them. I'm sorry for any errors.
    7 years ago
    lol i have more but their just bits and pieces i am trying really hard to get endings for them. and im glad that you like the one called Lies. it aint my best one. i figured that no one would like it. (sorry that im writing you a novel)
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