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Directioner, (One Direction) Brat, (Cher Lloyd) Mixer, (Little Mix) Selenater, (Selena Gomez) and Lovatic (Demi Lovato) all describe me! Hey! I am Emily. Feel free to call me Emmy!! :DDDD <3333

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    This is such a adorable story <3
    You Got Me Love Sick
    You Got Me Love...
    Sara has not seen her best friend Harry Styles for a year now. They both text and video calling but that didn't mean anything. What happens when two best friends reunite. Will they catch feelings for each...
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    Thanks. :*
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    This is such a great story so far! Update soon, love :)
    Starting Over
    Starting Over
    Harry Styles Fanfic. Harry Styles and Daisy West were the it couple that wlked down the streets of Chesire, the couple who shared the cute's kisses and that had a happy ever after. But wen the West family...
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    Oh My Nandos! You need to update like now!!!! :DDDDD
    Haunted. 15+
    Haunted. 15+
    Ally and her boyfriend Louis Tomllinson of One Direction moves into an old house in a small town. The first day Ally sees someone in one of the windows. She thought to herself that she was just tired....
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    I don't like it.... I love it!!!!! :D
    Through The Dark *Louis Tomlinson FanFic*
    Through The Dark...
    Andrea and her younger sister Allison seemed to have gotton in trouble with some guys in an allyway with glowing red eyes that caused Andrea to be in the hospitial with a minor head injory. When the guy...
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