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I am thirteen years old but what do you care.

Hella rad

My friends are nerds and we're all weird as heck, we also nicknamed one satan.

Dont touch me I'll give you a case of homestuck.

Dont touch me u have germmmsss

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    mumbled "uh did I get extra followers"

    Whoa hi there random people.

    Ugh im probably going to delete half of this stuff and clean up my profile. Maybe be prepared for new stories.

    But here have a selfie of me in my rad as heckie wig
  • Mageofspacee

    mumbled "howww?"

    how in hell am i getting followers? i barely write anymore

    where did you come from?

    i can't make up plots anymore, just badly created emo characters.
  • Mageofspacee
    Hrrrmmmmm. Okay. You have some word mistakes here, and I feel like things climax too fast in each chapter. Work on small things, like, the way they look, how they act, their quirks, flaws, talents. If a character is suffering, make it sound like they are. And no doubt, I loove the way you have written this. But I think it could also improve a great deal. Nice idea.
    Me And Myself
    Me And Myself
    My twin and I have ran away. I must protect her with my life. My farther is drunken fool. He sexually touches us. He beats us. She's all I have...
    '~' what?
    6 years ago
    Yea, but I figured that if I didn't describe what they looked like it would be more creative for the reader
    6 years ago
    yes, but at least give us a vague idea... what's their hair colour? eye colour? Are they light or dark skinned??? Like, INTROODDUUCVCCEE YOOO CHAAARRAACTTTERRRS WOOOMMMAANN *jk*
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