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Heyy!! I love writing my stories Accidental Love and Adopted by Harry Styles.

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    ive decided to make another Movella but i will still be writing my 'Adopted by Harry Styles' movella as well.
    I am looking for a girl to be the main character because she will be in a relationship with Marcel a.k.a Harry Styles TWIN brother in 'Accidental Love' so if you would like to be that character tell me your name and a description of what you look like if you would like to be in it. Thanxx :))
    6 years ago
    I have picked Marcels GF it will be......................Aleisha/ Oreos and Bowties!! yayy!!
    Also since I didnt say anything else about characters for the story I decided to pick a GF for Harry (the over protective brother) and Louis (Harry and Marcels cousin.)
    So the Harry GF will be Savannah!! yayy!!
    And Louis's GF will be Darbi!! yayy!!

    Also one last thing if you have any requests about how you met your BF I definatly take requests but I have to warn you if you give me a request of how you 2 met i will change it a little bit but I definitely will put some of your ideas!!

    6 years ago
    thank you! :)
    6 years ago
    ok i just published my first chapter......of Accidental Love....... the cover is shadows of two people and their hands are forming a heart.............hope you like it

    6 years ago
    Thanks so much!!! I totally apprectiate it <3 Good luck with writing :D