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Hello! I'm Winter Valentine (not my rea name but it's better than my normal one) :).
I love reading books aswell as writing them. I'm hopeing that you will enjoy my books because well.... it would be nice to know that sombody on this planet thinks I'm O.K

  • xWinter Valentinex
    Kat Green: Shark attack

    Bio: About a normal girl (black hair, pale skin, green or blue eyes) who has a crush on her teacher but she goes into a new school and finds it's full of shapeshifting students (main character for this one-shark-) She finds out she is one of them (fox)

    include: A picture of a boy and a girl, maybe a picture of a shark on the bottom and a fox above the girl?

    Please could you creat it for me please, I would recomend you to all my fans.
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    I can create covers about almost everything! I have a lot of spare time and I adore doing this sort of stuff!
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