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  • x..Iwouldntmind..x
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    Author - x..Iwouldntmind..x

    Title - Secrets

    Quotes - None

    Theme - magical, suspenseful

    Image - doesnt matter

    Extra Ideas - Can it look like a journal cover? This is a Gravity Falls fanfic

    Link to your book- ( it's still a draft)
    Cover Store .2
    Cover Store .2
    Cover Store.
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    Omg thank you so much! Its beautiful!
  • x..Iwouldntmind..x
    I feel like my friends don't actually like me. It's like they're pitying me. Once, i fell down. My friends kicked me and dropped my backpack on me. They didn't even help me up. They deny all my accusations. What should i do?
    If you have a problem, put it in the comments, or facebook message me (details in my bio thingy) And I will do my best to answer it in the next chapter Say as little or as much as you want No matter...
    my ex-best-friend denied stuff too. sometimes you are just better off without them, i was given this advice but i ignored it for i was too attached, but seriously, it is better without her, i hope you can learn from my mistake and assert your authority,leave them, and find some better friends that will TREAT YOU THE WAY YOU DESERVE!
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    Thanks, I told them i wasn't going to hang out with them anymore and they just scoffed and walked off. I feel so much better now

    Well done!!
    It does take a lot of courage but is well worth doing 凸^-^凸
  • x..Iwouldntmind..x
    Title- Secrets
    Mood- Mysterious, magical
    People on cover- Eh, no thanks
    Background- An old book cover looking style please?
    Blurb- Willow and Mark. Always together. Even through the car crash that took their parents life. They decided to move in together in a remote town. Boring, Oregon. Seems like a small town... It really isn't. It holds the most secrets ever. Boring doesnt seem so boring anymore...
    Color scheme- Maybe a twilight purple?
    Author- x..Iwouldntmind..x
    Fandom- Gravity Falls ( even though it's not here -.-)

    Cover shop *OPEN*
    Cover shop *OPEN*
    Want a cover? Come to me! I am new to cover making so don't expect me to be an expert or make rocking good covers. But I do need practice and I can't keep making Movellas over and over again just for...
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