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    mumbled "Deleting a story?????"

    Hi, 'Pickles'! I have been thinking about doing this forever and decided on it. But there is a second part to the decision that I need your help on. I have been thinking of deleting Punk Love (Harry Styles Fan Fiction) for quite awhile. On Wattpad, I feel like it is just there. On here, I have gotten people asking for updates and everything so I didn't know what to do. I just deleted all those chapters on Wattpad and I changed up the little blurb for another idea with punks and love. Here is where I need your help, would you guys like me to continue it on here just not on Wattpad or should I get rid of it?
    DON'T feel bad if you don't think I should write it. I only am asking this because people on here have commented that they like it and wish for updates. I don't feel the story at all and am more than glad to delete it if people don't want to keep it. But if you really want it to stay then by all means I will write it for you because I love you guys so much and love to write for important people in my life. Please help me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    So what do YOU think, should Punk Love (Harry Styles Fan Fiction) stay or go?
    PS sorry for it being really long
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    mumbled "1D CONCERT!"

    I am going to the 1D concert tonight!! Excited for the concert! Niall, here I come!!! Yay!!!! Blue posters are done, shirt decorated, blue shorts picked out, nails painted blue, albums blaring through my bedroom!!! Comment your own concert experiences, if and when your going to their concert, and who your first concert ever was or who you want to be your first concert!!!! LOVE YA!!!!
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    Lucky!!! I've never been to a 1D concert (unfortunately), but I DID see them on X Factor Live Tour once. My first proper concert (apart from that) was Little Mix, and I recently saw Katy Perry. My friends saw 1D though, and they just fangirled the entire week. It was pretty funny.
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    That's awesome! I never knew about X Factor being in England so I didn't know about them then. My first concert was Taylor Swift last year. I hope you get to see them in concert some time though. :)
    5 years ago
    Lucky I'm still trying to get tickets to the concert in Pasadena I want to go on Niall's birthday
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    That would be perfect! The tickets were for my birthday and the tickets sold out in 10 minutes, making them have another concert the next day (today technically)!