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  • Wren Thornton
    I absolutely love you saved me it is amazing please update soon I can't wait to read more.
    You Saved Me
    You Saved Me
    Crystal Bowen's mother, Amy, died when Crystal was 3 years old in a car accident. Now she's 16 and lives with her father, David. Since Amy died her father began to drink and got very violent. One day...
    4 years ago
    Tysm��❤️ I'll update again Wednesday❣ You have absolutely no idea how much this means to me. You just made my day��������
  • Wren Thornton
    Love this couldn't stop reading it. Please update soon!!!
    i never saw you coming
    i never saw you...
    Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win...
    4 years ago
    aw thank you<3 I will update it as soon as I have time, but your excitement for the book makes me so happy:)<3
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