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    Wood Fired Social Ignites: World’s Most Intuitive and Beautiful Forum Dedicated to Wood Fired Cooking

    (Sydney, Australia) May 15 2014 – Around the world, the great outdoors goes together with friends and great food. From tailgating in America to outdoor grilling in Australia, people love to enjoy great food in the great outdoors. In recent years, an old-world cooking technique – wood fired cooking – has become increasingly popular across the world, and an Australian company, Wood Fired Social, has created an online social hub dedicated exclusively to wood fired cooking enthusiasts.

    Along with the growing interest in the slow food movement, there has been a resurgent interest in heirloom cooking techniques. Wood fired cooking is as much a way to prepare a meal as it is a lifestyle; it requires a commitment to learning new techniques, using wood fired ovens and cooking in a specific way. People who discover this method – whether beginners, experts, or professional chefs – like to share their experiences with others who share their same passion and interest in using wood fired ovens. Wood Fired Social provides an online meeting place to do just that.

    Unlike existing wood fired cooking forums, Wood Fired Social is committed to delivering a meaningful social experience in the most beautiful and intuitive way possible. Taking cues from highly visual websites such as Pinterest, Wood Fired Social allows users to upload beautiful photographs and videos documenting their successes and experiments using wood fired ovens. Completely free to users, the community will shake up the burgeoning wood fired community, and seeks to become the leading online meeting place for users with all levels of experience.

    Wood fired cooking is a technique that makes use of wood fuel for cooking. The ovens are specially designed and are different from wood fired stoves in that they aren’t designed for use with pots and pans on a stovetop. Rather, wood fired ovens have an opening into which food, such as pizza, is inserted and cooked. There are several types of wood fired ovens, including black ovens and white ovens, and a variety of techniques and recipes that can be prepared.

    About Wood Fired Social:
    Wood Fired Social is an online community dedicated to all aspects of wood fired cooking. Free to join, Wood Fired Social brings together beginners, experts, suppliers and chefs, all with the goal of sharing information, experience and techniques about wood fired cooking and techniques for using wood fired ovens. Founded in Sydney, Australia, Wood Fired Social is one of the world’s first online communities dedicated to wood fired cooking. Unlike other wood fired cooking forums, Wood Fired Social provides a beautiful and intuitive website interface through which users can share photographs, videos and words about the joys and frustrations of cooking with wood fired ovens.

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