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☂ Hey! I'm Wiley, I copied and pasted Deanna's profile, thanks for clicking on my profile! since it looks like that you like clicking things, how 'bout you click on the 'become Fan of author' button? It's very clickable.

☂ I LOVE to read action, horror, and adventure stories. But mostly adventure. I also love music in the rock and country genre. I kinda like sports!

☂ I NEED your feedback on my stories! I would really appriciate it. It can be good or bad! I need to become a better writer!

☂ I guess I need to put a quote here... So here's one.. "Shut up, I hate when you talk" ~ Me

☂ ♪Insert song lyrics here♪

☂ Artists on my IPod include, Aerosmith, Blake Shelton, Flordia Georgia Line, Halestorm, In This Moment, Miranda Lambert, Motley Crue,Nazareth, Nickelback, Shinedown, Theory Of A Deadman, Three Days Grace, and Volbeat

☂ Vancouver Canucks,

☂ You can also follow me on Instagram (@wileyrattray)!

☂ You want some random facts, you say? well here are some!

☂ I have an unhealthy obsession with the nothing
☂ Green is my colour
☂ Canadian and proud!
☂ I like to read/write books!
☂ I am a demigod
☂ 16 is my number
☂ Border Collies
☂ Northern BC is my home
☂ Nothing are my sports
☂ Born on my birthday
☂I am in ECP (Educational Challenge Program, its for smart peoples)
☂ I am not TERRIFIED of windows
☂My favourite movie is Monsters INC

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    Are there any storys on here that aren't love storys?
    Parts Of Me
    Parts Of Me
    16 year old Kaylee fell in love with a strange boy. He is handsome with curly brown hair and he has a group of friends which he seems to treat like brothers. Kaylee doesn't have a father and needs a boyfriend...
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