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What's up guys? I use to tell people the sky, but they don't always get it..... Anyway I love writing, and even more reading. And I'm just going to do the same as everyone else, list up my fandoms!

A demigod: Hecate
A potterhead: Ravenclaw
A tribute/firejay: district 4 (or seven can't decide)
A hobbit
I'm divergent, but mostly Dauntless and Erudite ( would probably hide in erudite)
A gleek (Finchel......)
A shadowhunter, with the blood of a warlock
I have no idea what Disney fans is called.....
And my favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars.

I have a few ships.... Percabeth forver! Caleo is awesome, so is Romione, Jasper and Hinny. And then there is Snily and Nuna (which isn't canon I'm afraid)
Toast all the way! (and to the muggles out there Toast is Everlark)
I ship Malec, and Clace.
Hazel and Augustus. '
Fourtris (forgot the name....)

That was all for now, take care!