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    mumbled "I remember "

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    I remember joining this site a little over five years ago. I remember how excited I used to be when I got an idea, to share that with everyone here and then get overjoyed when it got attention by even one person. I remember the friends I made on here, and how we used to have a laugh and that my notifications used to be full of life, and so did everyone else's - now that I realise that I'm only ever really coming back to one or two notifications every few months, my enthusiasm has depleted for sharing my ideas. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this site who had made it what it was for me when I was thirteen - and now that I'm thanking you all for partly shaping who I am as an eighteen year old. I've grown up now, and I'm sure so has everyone else, so there's very little time for this site - even so, remember the enthusiasm all of us has for one others works that got finished, published, or shoved into drafts for all eternity :)
    Remember that enthusiasm ^-^
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    I'm not even kidding, literal chills ^-^
    Fault and Blame
    Fault and Blame
    I’m an honest man, never hurt anybody. I pay my bills, I feed my cat, and I don’t stick my nose into other people’s business. None of it was my fault and neither is this.
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    Glad you enjoyed it. :)
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    Hi! I'm Rockie and welcome to the Movellas community! If you need any help with navigating on the site, I'm happy to help and I'm sure everyone else is too :) I hope you have a nice time and look forward to seeing you around :)
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