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I occasionally have this urge to write stories... I want to actually finish them and put them on here, even if they are not very good :D

  • Whophie
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    Hi everyone...just thought id say that i do photography at college but at the moment we are in the holidays. I decided id try and make a book. haha... not usre ill finish it so for now im going to post this much to see whether people thin kits good and what not... maybe get some advice i dont know... but yeh if you like it please let me know what you think would be a great idea to happen in it as i am currently just sort of free writing haha i dont know what you call it :3 .. thanxxx
    Phoebe Remina
    Phoebe Remina
    On her 18 birthday a girl who has been having dreams about her mother who gave her away once she was born to save her Remina Realm(her mother and fathers land), has found out she has the responsibility...
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