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" I believe that we all fall down sometimes." - Lost It All, Black Veil Brides

" I love you more than I could ever scream." - The Mortician's Daughter, Black Veil Brides

" Remember as you learn, to try to be the one you love. " - Savior, Black Veil Brides

" I ruled the world. With these hands I shook the heavens to the ground. I laid the gods to rest. I held the key to the kingdom. Lions guarding castle walls. Hail the king of death." - Lost It All, Black Veil Brides

" Then I lost it all. Dead and broken." - Lost It All, Black Veil Brides

" I can take this pen and teach you how to live. But what I left unsaid, the greatest gift I give. - Savior, Black Veil Brides

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    I Morgan hereby state I will NOT bully anyone.
    I Morgan hereby state I will stand up for those being bullied.
    I Morgan hereby state I will not be rude online or in the real world.
    I Morgan hereby state I'm a part of Zoiesacottonball's anti-bullying program!
    Anti-Bullying Pledge
    Anti-Bullying Pled...
    Bulling needs to stop!!! Take my pledge here! I will hold this aginst you if you are mean in any situation!
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    Omg that took such a twist right at the end, I love this movella, your a amazing writer, great job.
    Dark (Louis Version) *2* [Completed]
    Dark (Louis Versio...
    Paige, and Louis have been fighting a lot lately. What happens when Louis decides that they shouldn't be together. Does he love her too much to let her go? *Must Read 1st one before this!* This...
    Aww! I'm crying! That's so sweet! Thank you.
    7 years ago
    No problem.
    2 new chapters!
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