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Hey I'm Ezralynn. I love writing and The 1975, Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara, Halsey, The Neighbourhood, and Arctic Monkeys. Last time I was here was two years ago and man do I cringe looking back. Currently a recluse who lives in Colorado. My two best friends live across the country. Also, I'm a teenager that's very stuck in the 90s.

  • Ezralynn Cossman
    sorry i havent updated in forever.....i just dont go on here very much...i just signed up for wattpad so ill write in there more. go follow me. its
    chocolate-potatoes as my username
  • Ezralynn Cossman
    omg I'm solo hooked!!! what happens???????? update plz!
    Save me. (N.H) COMPLETE
    Save me. (N.H) COM...
    Madison is young, beautiful, and smart. But three years changed her life. She swore to herself to NEVER bring it up, but a new boy with dazzling eyes wants the truth. He wants to know everything that had...
  • Ezralynn Cossman
    Of course. Rite now isn't a good time though because I'm really busy. Maybe later. Thanks for notifying me though.
    He's Somewhere Out There
    He's Somewhere Out...
    When Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer spots 16 year old Michaela May in the crowd at a concert, he knew she was the one. After the show he goes out and finds her. When he does, a spark happens. They...
  • Ezralynn Cossman
    Okay so who absolutely loves this story??? I wrote it during the summer and I'm still trying to finish it!!! Awesome huh? Funny bc Language Arts is one of my best classes along with everything else. Imma strait A student. Halla
    My Friend Is Home
    My Friend Is Home
    So Maddie Rose Lovato goes to Britain to vist her best friend Amelia Hoe Horan only to find out that her dad is also her best friends.
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