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Do you know me? No? Then why are you hating on me. Did I do something to you? No? Then move out of my way and stop hating on me, unless your being nice, then we can talk business ��

  • 😎B*tch Please😎
    I love this. Keep up the great work.
    тoo мυcн | н.ѕ ✘
    тoo мυcн | н.ѕ ✘
    Just when she thought she had her life all figured out, Addie Walker's plans are drastically altered when her father gets a new job in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, and her family must move.
  • 😎B*tch Please😎
    I started reading this and I kinda fell in love with it. I can't wait to read more and keep up the good work :)
    Out Of Bounds
    Out Of Bounds
    In all honesty, my sister and I had never been close But one person was going to tear us further apart His name is Luke Hemmings © All rights of this belong solely to the author and it may...
    4 years ago
    When I see a comment like this it seriously makes me smile so much! Thank you for being so sweet and update will be on in a few hours ��
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    I love it please update
    Boy Meets Girl || c.h
    Boy Meets Girl ||...
    Enter April Trenton. Quiet, quirky, reserved, smart, friendly. Always smiling, but always alone. Until the boy next door set her world on fire. Enter Calum Hood. Outgoing, class clown, fun, kind,...
  • 😎B*tch Please😎
    Please update I need to know more. This is probably the best one I've read yet. I love it. <3
    My Brother's Best Friend | One Direction (13+)
    My Brother's Best...
    The name's Amber. Amber Tomlinson. Yes, I'm the sister of Louis Tomlinson, the biggest player in school. That's about all I'm known for, and all I'm seen as. Although I'm attractive, I've never had a boyfriend....
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