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Harro c:

✔Vanessa Hudgens

Originally AnnaSophia..

Single like the pringle

Food is life & I eat lots of it.

Work hard, Party harder is my motto.

Love these people >>> Ashley Benson, Jade Thirlwall, Danielle Bradbury, One Direction, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, ect.

Roar by Katy Perry is my jam.

Don't mess with the mess.

Pssst. This is a roleplay account c:


  • ✔Vanessa Hudgens

    mumbled "ALL ROLEPLAYERS"

    So, I'm pretty sure you've all noticed that us roleplayers are in jeopardy and that we aren't allowed to mumble acting as 'celebrities'
    This is why, I'm changing my account to my personal one.
    Yes, I will no longer act as AnnaSophia Robb..
    BUT! I might have found another way to RolePlay.
    I'm thinking, Wattpad or even Chatzy.
    If you guys have any other ideas, comment down below. I'm not getting my account deleted because of roleplay.
    Sorry guys!
    7 years ago
    Idk I guess I'll still like hang out with you guys but I don't think I am going to do RP anymore
    7 years ago
    :( I still can't do chatzy. Darn. Ok. Do you guys think I should stay with Rp?
    ✓Josh Cuthbert
    7 years ago
  • ✔Vanessa Hudgens

    mumbled "New Fanfiction!"

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    So, obviously, the last fanfiction I attempted didn't work.. SO, me and Marcel's Wife are making a new self-harming fanfiction! But we need one more person to help write.
    You MUST have a similar writing style to us, and just comment if you want to join. We will choose afterwards.
    zoey ♥
    7 years ago
    frog meme T.K
    7 years ago
    Yay! c:
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