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  • Usuh hh

    mumbled "wattpad"

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    Just made a wattpad my name is obey_sabrina yay I'm So glad and i found some people that have movellas on wattpad
    7 years ago
    Cool :)
    7 years ago
    HI!!!!! I'm Dani!!! I'm gonna take a guess and say your name is Sabrina.....right??? Anyways you wanna be my friend????
  • Usuh hh
    7 years agoReply
    Guys im sorry im going to strat a new movellas im sorry i let you guys down
    What to do if you have haters or bullied
    What to do if you...
    This book will help you if you have bullies or haters or if you cut and do those thing but for me to help you you need to comment your name and tell me if you have haters or bullies
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