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    WOW, this is a very good idea and well written story! I am enjoying it very much so. I Hope you can write another like this :)
    Julia and Juliet
    Julia and Juliet
    We write the year 1885 in London, England. Here we follow the 17 year old girl Elizabeth Perry who lives with her strict mother, a father who is rarely home. While her older sister is already married to...
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    mumbled "Hello Movella"

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    Hey Movella people,
    i'm new here so if anybody wants to give me some tips i'm all ears!
    I'm not sure whether i should post a story now or wait!
    Send me messages please, I'm open for ideas! :)
    Paige xox
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    post a story whenever you like. its up to you. and if people tell you offensive things don't listen to them and tell someone else that you think you can trust eg. a fan or someone you've befriended here and they will most likely back you up. look at the groups and join whichever ones you want.
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