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Just a 17 year old girl writing stories that I come up with, sometimes with the help of my friends. So i hope you like them! Enjoy!(: And please no hate. xx

  • UnbrokenDreamer_13
    I love it!!! great work!
    A girl and her horse
    A girl and her hor...
    When 15 year old Emily finds a skinny dapple horse at deaths door,she heals him,loves him.But is it too late for both of them to start a new beggining and forget their past?
    6 years ago
    thanks so much :)
  • UnbrokenDreamer_13
    I love it!!
    12 year old Gold Girl
    12 year old Gold...
    Nine year old Georgie has her heart set on being an Olympic rower,rowing for Great Britian.She has been rowing since she was 6,she somehow feels ready for the 2012 olympics,the only problem?Shes to young.How...
  • UnbrokenDreamer_13
    Hey can you please check out mine and tell me if its good? It's called 'Give Your Heart a Break' It would mean a lot, thatnks! :) x
    Give Your Heart a BreakIts amazing how one minute life can be great, than a second later your life is turned upside down. Stacy ends up in the hospital and no one knows is shes...
    J.K. Panesar
    6 years ago
    yeah, Sure, i will do. but only if you check out my fanfic's to. they are called 'Everthing about you' and 'Remember me'. please guys if you like fav and comment, i will promise to do the dame back to you. thanks. movellas.com/en/book/read/20120710181850..
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