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i love one direction and i hate no one in my stories

  • tyra_tomo
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    up date and it would be nice if you check out my movellas and tell me what you think thank its called mixed feelings
    Winner Gets All
    Winner Gets All
    Every year, the most popular boys of West Prep School, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, have a little game they like to play. They target a girl, and the first to...
  • tyra_tomo
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    up date please
    This Is It (The Tour Sequel)
    This Is It (The...
    It's all ending. The tour, the relationships, the friendships. It's all ending. You didn't think things could get any more twisted did you? Well, you're wrong. Who will Megan end up with? Who will end...
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    mumbled "Mixed feelings"

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    go read my first movellas and tell me wot u think of it and plz the characters are what i want the to be plz no hate for the reason they act like they do in my story but its all hapy at the end you just have to read it thank
    5 years ago
    Aww good job!
    Do you think you could read my movella? I'd really appreciate it! It's my first fanfic.
    Pearl White ~A One Direction FairyTa...You think you know how the story goes. Snow White meets some dwarves, eats an apple, falls asleep, gets kissed by a prince and lives happily ever after. ...
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    i love it please can u check out mine plz no hate on mine
    They Don't Know About Us
    They Don't Know...
    It says it all in the title, They Don't Know About Us. Kiara and Harry have been together for three years and those years haven't been so great for them. All these years she thought she was in love with...
    5 years ago
    Sure! Please spread the word on my Movella and I will do the same! Follow me on twitter @KiaraHe or instagram @kiki_bren ! Kik me as well @Kiara_Hernandez16
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    I love it soooo much Plz can u readmy book Mixed Fellings (it mite not be good since i started it but i love it if anyone can read it plus plz no hate)
    Broken Hearts & Last Goodbyes
    Broken Hearts &...
    Megan travels to Doncaster to visit her aunt, who is now a flight attendant for South West Airlines. Megan's in for a surprise when she's invited to a birthday party for a girl named Lottie where she meets...
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