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Hey I'm Nikki:) I love 1D,5Sos,and you tubers:) I am deleted some of my books and keeping a few.�� Thanks so much for liking and reading my books!! I love you so so so much!! Thanks bye!!

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    Update!! I love it!!
    Sexual Education -Harry Styles-
    Sexual Education...
    “So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words. “Look if you...
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    Your best movella so far! Update!
    "Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders" ~ When I was little, I thought life was perfect. But now, everything is a lie. I face things every single day ever since my mom died. About 80 percent...
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    4 years ago
    You don't know how much that comment just made my day!! Thanks and I'll try to update soon!
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    Name: After
    It's about a girl falling in love with Punk Louis who is a like "bad guy" :P that made it sound crappy XD
    The Movellas Cover Store // CLOSED
    The Movellas Cover...
    Need a cover? ***CLOSED SORRY***
    5 years ago
    5 years ago
    Not to bug you too much but is it possible to make it a punk louis? Everything else is perfect but it's just that :c
     River_Summers ☕️
    Oh, okay! I'll like, punk him up a bit, maybe? Like, lipstick? Piercings? Yeah, I'll see what I can do. I know what you mean, though.
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    Anna; Did you ever marry someone?
    Ask Disney!
    Ask Disney!
    Every disney character is waiting for you too ask them questions! About anything.. (Dont get too wild guys) just comment or mumble your comment to who you want it to be to and I will try and get them done...
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    I'm Nikky (you can make up my age if you want) im 19, I am a happy fun girl. I have brown hair with little blonde parts and dip-dyed red. I have brown eyes and I ALWAYS shop at Delia's And Forever 21. I would like to be Louis' girl ��✌️��
    Beautifully Bad
    Beautifully Bad
    Misty is a bad girl who has probably been in jail 3 times in the last year. She meets someone who is as bad as her will they end up together or is shit about to go down??
    5 years ago
    I ment Nikki not Nikky ._.
    5 years ago
    Hay um can I change your hair color for the story?
    ~HoranWhore :D
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