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Hi, my name is Elle and I'm Tsundere Panda.
I absolutely adore music and I'm never really not listening to it, cept in class and when I'm asleep. ~
I love art and the theatre. And one of my favourite things to do is to find super underrated things. :)


Homosexual literature should be bigger than ever this 2017

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  • TsunderePanda

    Who here loves music playlists for writing?

    Personally, I adore music to go with the chapters I write. So here I go, wondering if you do too? Put your favourite playlists down below :) We'll compare and contrast our playlists. Be nice guys!!
    Ray Lidstone
    2 years ago
    I usually just turn on some music and see where it takes me, no playlist in particular
  • TsunderePanda
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    Thank-you so much!! I will use it now! :)
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