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Hi,I'm Trinity,but you can call me Trin,T,Triny or just Trinity.
Im Welsh,Iove to read and Write,I have a younger brother called Elijah.
I dont mean to brag but I gotta say I have an awesome middle name,its Star.
Im from the capital of Wales,Cardiff and It seems like I can only find 3 other people on here that are welsh,my friends.
I love my friends mud pie,it is amazing.
My birthday Is febuary 5,I have 27 fans last time I checked.I love shopping,youtube,dogs, movellas,facebook, horse riding and music and drawing and of course writing
I love the morganville vampire series,im only on book 3 but they are amazing!

My fave bands are
Maroon 5
Little Mix
The Saturdays

My fave songs are
We are young-fun
Ego-the saturdays
One more night-Maroon 5
DNA-Little mix
Black heart-Stooshe
Wake me up-Ed Sheeran

I ride horses a lot

I only drink water!I know,it's kind of weird

I have never been out of the UK,in my whole life.But I'm going to Florida in July so that will change.

I'm in my first year of high school.Im Liking it so far.

I'm 12,that was an awesome day

Ducks are cool

I love cookie dough Ice cream,but only the Hagean Dasz (think I spelt that wrong)and the Ben and Jerrys cookie dough Ice cream.

A few more facts:
Favourite fottie team:Cardiff city FC
Favourite colour:Baby Blue and lilac
Hair and eye colour: Brown with bits of blonde and blue eyes
Best friends:Courtney,Tyra,Sinaid,Maraid
Favourite TV show:Celebrity Big Brother,TOWIE,The secret circle,Switch

_____ [ovo]

I call all my fans,my little ducks,cause ducks are cool.Feel free to put the badge on your bios.

I am also a wolffie,Jewlz

(. .)

One of Lia's cookies


One of Rawrz's waffles

One of Primroseclone's minions

A little carrot

('') ('')

| __|
A worm

| * ^ *|
( |(__)| )
(O) (O)
A gummie bear

And many others,too many to list

There are a few authors that you need to check out...

Primroseclone (Prim)-She is awesome and is a hunger games fan.
Rawrz-A big lover of Waffles.But whatever you do do not call her Rawrzy Poo.
Lia is a cookie-Only one way to describe Lia,she is a cookie!
Ice cream girl-Loves ice cream.
JK Pansear-Really nice and is an awesome author.
Jewlz-She gives really good advice and is just awesome.
Kamala-Funny and I love both of her books
Milly-One of my really great friends
Skylar-Also one of my friends,she is awesome at writing poetry.
LittleMissHolywood-I really like Code Name Fan Fics and Code Name Plagiarists
JenJen-Really good author and I like her all her books

Wanna know a bit more about me?
My Pintrest:Trinity
My Movellas:Your already on it!

  • Trinity :)

    I'm back

    7 years agoReply
    I took a few months off of Movellas for three months because of all the drama that was going on so someone fill me in on what I have missed.Has anything changed at all?
    Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
    ah well welcome back! nothing huge really changed to be honest other than a few things but yeah
    7 years ago
    Hey! Not much has really.. ��
    7 years ago
    Hey. :P I took a 'break' too. Just thought I'd say hello, I'm having trouble elbowing into the community again.
  • Trinity :)
    8 years agoReply
    Could you imagine telling this to your children "When I was younger I had a special poo called Winnie,he was my best friend" LOL.
    Winnie The Poo
    Winnie The Poo
    A Winnie The Pooh fanfiction ;D
  • Trinity :)
    8 years agoReply
    This good Prim,can't wait for the next chapter.
    The Movellians that are still pure (no obsessive One Direction fangirling, no inappropriate stories) gathered for a meeting, to figure out what the Kings' loyal subjects plans were. They decided they would...
    8 years ago
    It's up! Thanks!
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