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100+ Reasons why I love Yang Jeongin + HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!

by , Friday February 8, 2019
100+ Reasons why I love Yang Jeongin + HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!


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  • trbl.

    mumbled "NCT 127 "regular-irregular" album review!"

    3 hours agoReply
    I finally got my NCT 127 regular-irregular album today! I got the last one at Barns and Noble and I got a Win Win photocard and a Mark Lee poster! It's amazing and it comes with little postcards of the other members I didn't receive as a photo card! Everything is so aesthetic and I give this a 5-star rating <3 The tracklist is amazing and it's definitely different from what NCT creates usually.

    This is the album:

    This is the Mark poster:

    These are the postcards: (I should have just got 1, but I got 5!)

    Here are the concept pages:

    Basically, I didn't get my bias's photocard, but I got his poster!

    The tracklist includes:
    1. "City 127"
    2. "Regular"
    3. "Replay (PM 01:27)"
    4. "Knock On"
    5. "No Longer"
    6. "Interlude: Regular to Irregular"
    7. "My Van"
    8. "Come Back"
    9. "Fly Away with Me"
    10. "Regular" (English version)
    11. "Run Back 2 U" (bonus track) -FAVORITE ONE-

    So I normally do album reviews, and I think that I will share with you guys all my Stray Kids and BTS albums too! Soon, in like a week or so, I'm going to buy these albums:

    1. EXO's Love Shot repackage
    2. Ateez (both mini albums)
    3. NCT 2018 Empathy
    4. NCT (The rest of discography because they don't have a lot)
    5. Loona's new album (and previous)
    6. TXT's debut album!
    7. Hopefully more!

    Okay so I like a lot of groups, but I stan very few girl groups and I think that (g)-idle, Loona, Mamamoo, and Blackpink are my top three so you can expect those reviews too :)

    Stay tuned!!!
  • trbl.

    mumbled "New song!"

    1 days agoReply

    So, I have been waiting for this song release since it's teaser and I'm trying not to be annoying and freak out - but here is Lay, NCT 127, and Jason - I actually cried because this is so catchy and LAY and NCT are in it, my favorite people <3

  • trbl.

    mumbled "Need a love story?"

    2 days agoReply

    Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I regularly publish chapters to my recent Movella "Fire and Rain"!!! Please leave a read and comment if you can!

    Fire and RainLan Lina is a girl with a troubled past and even present. Huaze Lei is a boy with a soft and quiet side that he reveals to everyone. Just as Lei begins...
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    mumbled "Pleasing song mix (EXO x Ariana Grande)"

    2 days agoReply

    I usually listen to R&B, Edm, rap, and everything in between. So I just found this mix with EXO's Love Shot and Ariana Grande's 7 rings and it's so good I've been looing it for the past hour! My favorite part is my favorite part in the original version which is when Kyungsoo sings, "People come, people go," and one of EXO's rappers, Sehun, and Baekhyun Harmonize because the beat drops and it sounds really good. People don't normally harmonize singing and rapping.

    I wish they would have added some Ariana Grande lyrics though. That would have been so cool! Tell me what you think of it <3

    2 days ago
    That's true - one of my friends is all 'Omg they were cOPYrIGHTED' she loves louis..
    Conclusions are annoying, too true.........
    2 days ago
    But yeah, basically, Louis was added to the composer list by SM because they either didn't want controversy, or they actually did steal the beat from an underrated song. In my opinion, I feel like it's just the beat that get's to people and Kyungsoo's part "people come, people go."
    2 days ago
    'people come, people go' it's really sentimental.. God I love this song <3
    It's the beat and the lyrics.
  • trbl.
    2 days agoReply
    Heather Diggory, known by Heather, has a very complicated family tree. Her grandmother went to Hogwarts in 1944.. family tree - tom riddle - fern concord - channing diggory - ( someone ) ...
    2 days ago
    I'm planning on, like, his death, being, like, caused by the thing coming up ;)
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