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  • ToriiPoo
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    Ive Tried The Butterfly Project,
    .... I HATED It Honestly </3
    Because We Hurt Inside
    Because We Hurt...
    demi and niall always had a crush on each other. and they finally start dating. but demi can't take anymore of the bullying about her weight both at school and over iMessages on her phone. she is sooo...
    Ezralynn Cossman
    7 years ago
    rly? ive done it 2. i dnt rly like it either. i switched 2 cutting 4 a while then i promised myself not 2 cut again and i thru my glass out of my window. i have lots of scares on my wrists.
    7 years ago
    I Cut On My Legs.. My Arms Were Just.. Idk I Didnt Like My Arm..
    Ezralynn Cossman
    7 years ago
    oh im srry 2 hear tht. plz dnt do it any longer.
  • ToriiPoo

    mumbled "Me At My Worst"

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    I Tryed The Butterfly Project,
    I Tryed Therapy
    But Only One Thing Worked ..
    My Baby Sister Saying "Sissy, What Is That On Your Legs And Arms?"
    I Said I Fell But We Knew It Was'nt True...
    Insted Of Lying ..
    I Stopped ..
    For Her<3
    My Baby Sister !
    Who I Pray Will NEVER Do That
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