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"-Deadpool is insecure
-Deadpool has chronic pain
-Deadpool is submissive in bed
-Deadpool is pansexual
-Deadpool lifts up his mask so Hawkeye can read his lips
-Deadpool is a blonde
-Deadpool's initials are WWW
-Deadpool had an abusive father
-Deadpool's mother died from cancer
-Deadpool fell in love with a teenager
-Deadpool left her because he didn't want to hurt her
-Deadpool had a daughter
-Deadpool didn't believe she was his because she was too beautiful
-Deadpool had to be dragged away from his daughter's dead body by cap and wolverine
-Deadpool carries Hello Kitty band aids
-Deadpool is good with kids
-Deadpool can't be killed by Ghost Rider because he doesn't think he's done anything wrong
-Deadpool hates himself
-Deadpool used to curl up in a ball and mumble about his skin hurting
-Deadpool is married to the queen of the undead
-Deadpool reads his own comics

Wade Winston Wilson is a beautiful man who must be protected at all costs."

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