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Hey there! I am the present Nathalie. Haven't been on Movellas for a while. Aspiring writer. And go on ahead and read my story I wrote 2 years ago "All is fair in love and war." *laughs about how there aren't any quotation marks in the first half of the book.* Well yeah. I love 1D, 5sos and many other bands and musicians. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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    This literally changed my whole perspective on everything... Mind blowing! O.O Keep ranting sister!!
    Rants about things that annoy us. DON'T COMMENT TO HATE BECAUSE YOU WILL BE REPORTED. Ever wanted to tear your hair out by the strand? This book will make you want to! (it did us, anyway!)
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    Full name: Khrystal Ivy
    Age: 16
    Full appearence: Long golden hair up to her knees, Has ocean blue eyes, 5'5, eyes turn dark blue when mad, Eyes and hair shimmer in the light and has cresent marks on her hands because of her hatred to the capitol,
    Personality: Caprice is very stong minded when it comes to her opinion, also Caprice hates to be wrong, Shes very friendly but if you tivk her off, she can hurt you very badly.
    Weapon; Trident
    Favourite colour: Ocean blue
    Other: Caprice hates the capitol so much, she would kill herself if it would mean the capitol would be destroyed, the capitol killed her mother when she was an infant because her mother stole a loaf of bread for her only daughter who is Caprice, Caprice can stay underwater for 4 minutes straight, Caprice is a killing machine with a Trident.
    district wanted: District 4
    The Hunger Games: Virtual Version
    The Hunger Games:...
    Have you ever wanted to be part of the Hunger Games? Well of course not! You would die! But not in the virtual kind. Welcome to the Hunger Games: Virtual Version! To 'sign up' as a tribute, designer,...
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    Omg i am in love with this!! Please put more chapters to it! I think this should've won! Please update this! Its phenominal!!!
    Her Choice
    Her Choice
    *New Cover* After their adventure in the games are finished, Katniss Everdeen flees from everything she has ever encountered. She is accompanied by her accomplice Gale Hawthorne. Together they face the...
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    Thanx so much I am over joyed that u luv it so much! i will try to update shortly. I am currently still brainstorming and i want to make it epic!! I am also a little disappointed about not winning the contest but i gave it my all and that is all that matters to me.
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    I am in love with this! Good luck and update pleease!
    Daughter of a Fallen Angel
    Daughter of a Fall...
    Elon is a second-generation Arch Angel and on her eighteenth birthday she will have to ascend to her rightful place on God's right-hand side. This is not what she wants. Wishing to remain with her father...
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    Thank you! It's just been updated :)
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