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My friend invited me into this whole new world. Maybe I'll write, maybe not. I'm open to all possibilities. Let the adventure began.

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    The Meaning Of
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    Biology is the New...
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    Okay, I guess I was kind of sort of tagged by @[Prodigy]. Sorry this is so belated XD
    A- Age: 18
    B- Biggest Fear: Only a few stupid ones
    C- Current Time: 9:16 AM
    D- Drink you last had: Strawberry and Basil Infused Water
    E- Easiest Person To Talk to: @[Prodigy] because I never have to filter what I think and feel
    F- Favourite Song: Overall, it would be Angels on the Moon by Thriving Ivory, but my recent fav is Unsteady by X Ambassadors
    G- Ghosts, are they real: Yep
    H- Hometown: Somewhere in Pennsylvania
    I- In love with: The world. Humanity. People. A person.... it's a love/hate relationship
    J- Jealous Of: People that are confident and successful
    K- Killed Someone? Never physically
    L- Last time you cried?: Haha. ha. ha... I'm fine
    M- Middle Name: Mary
    N- Number of Siblings: 4
    O- One Wish: To understand
    P- Person who you last called: Does it count if neither person said anything?
    Q- Question you're always asked: Who are you?
    R- Reason to smile: Nice weather. People who care about you. People you care about. Adventures.
    S- Song last sang: "Black Widow" black, black widow baby (I don't like the singer though XD)
    T- Time you woke up: 6:23am
    U- Underwear Color: Aqua blue with lace that has colorful Pokka dots
    V- Vacation Destination: Everywhere
    W- Worst Habit: Caring too much
    X- Xrays you've had: None. Teeth maybe?
    Y- Your favorite food: Ice Cream
    Z- Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    I will tag no one in this.
  • Tiger3
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    Hahaha no. Derek does though ;)
    Biology is the New Chemistry
    Biology is the New...
    A short story that my friend asked me to write. Just as she oddly required, it is a romance that includes the random elements of ice cream, a turtle, and a grape.
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    mumbled "Another thing"

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    I was tagged by @[Prodigy]
    1) yes. We don't know if any of this is real. Maybe none of it is. What even is real? Is real even a thing?
    2) 1. I like the dark.
    3) I don't know. I like strangers.
    4) sonder
    5) oak tree. Don't know why
    6) to quote myself, "ew"
    7) well this is awkward. I was just working out for the last three hours, so I am currently only wearing a sports bra. I apologize for that awful mental image.
    7) that question is extremely general. Probably as "young adult" or "female" but idk haha
    9) definitely dark
    10) simultaneously texting, writing poetry, cleaning the mess my friends made in my kitchen, listening to music, trying to plan for the future, and getting lost in my thoughts.
    11) um I'm not sure. Being 17 was pretty cool. So was 16. I'm really not sure. I'm just going to say 3.
    12) my friend Olivia
    13) I don't think I have any, but if I did, it would be a mean girl named Katie.
    14) a million sunsets
    15) yes, unfortunately very much so
    16) "not knowing" by Rae Morris. It's such a good song.
    17) probably no one. Unless I had to. Then most likely a well thought out target who's death would further my political and economic ideals in this country
    18) I liked @[Prodigy]'s answer of our previous religion teacher, so I might go with that. Although, I'm currently tempted with the idea of punching two of my best friends
    19) Obama, so he can tell me if aliens are real. Plus, I could control the USA, kind of
    20) I like my eyes. They're a golden brown
    21) I would look like a male version of myself and I would go out in public and test gender inequality
    22) considering I don't have any talents period, I sure hope that they are actually all just secret, but most likely they don't exist.
    23) dinosaurs. Velociraptors are terrifying, unless they are with Chris Pratt. In that case, then they are cute.
    24) sandwich rings are the best, so I pick that
    25) I'd put it toward my skydiving bill
  • Tiger3
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    I may be biased, but definitely the manatee :)
    Prodigy's Life in Vague, Enigmatic, Slightly Confusing Terms
    Prodigy's Life in...
    This diary does not (entirely) reflect my life, but perhaps my sole purpose of living: to have you leave more confused than you came in. Everything within is the truth, if you can manage to decipher it....
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    Tagged by @[Prodigy]
    Full name: Therese
    Nickname: Mary, T
    Battery Percent: 39%
    iPhone or Android: iPhone
    Last person I texted: My friend Olivia
    Birthday: June 3rd
    Last song I listened to: All I Want by Kodaline
    Favourite colour: Purple and Black
    Favourite movie: 1) Jurassic Park 2) The Princess Bride 3) Fried Green Tomatoes
    Height: 5' 7"
    What mood I am in now: Kind of lonely, actually. And tired and confused. Mainly restless

    So yeah. That's it :)
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