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안녕하십니까! <3
Hello Everyone! <3

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    So they have to be the seven songs that were listed? I mean most people are saying that they are doing different songs but doesn't it say that we need to pick form one of the seven songs? So confused!!!!! <3 :(
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    Helloooo I just read this and I think its quite good ><'' Just one question, are they brother and sister or something? if you have anytime could you read my movella "Scarlet Blaze" and tell me what oyu think of it? thanks and continue writing!!!!!!! <3 ><
    Blood's Thicker Than Water.
    Blood's Thicker...
    Our love is unstoppable. This love is precious. Nobody can compare this love. "Nothing can stop real love..." That is what everyone says and believe. That was what I believed. Until that day. Our...
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    Omg... this is soooo goooood omg and biggest cliffhanger ><
    :3 if you have time could you read my first movella "Scarlet Blaze" and tell me what you think of it?
    anyway keep on writing chapters and please publish 2-100 everyday, you will be doing the world a favor ;) hehehe thanks <3
    Separated at birth
    Separated at birth
    Harry looked at me with intensity in his eyes, “I don’t know why you’re here, or who you are. I don’t know if you’re telling me the truth, or if it’s a pack of lies. But I do know for the first time in...
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    mumbled "Sorry everyone for the delay!"

    Sorry everyone for the delay with the story, I was in hospital for a few days because I caught a bug but I will be sure to update it later on today after I have a nap!!!!! Sorry again and love you all <3 :3
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    Sorry to hear you weren't well :( I like your story it's awesome :) New Kuroshitsuji chapter came out on the website I'm reading it on... I was extremely happy! (yeah... thought you'd want to know... so... yeah...)
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    hey this is so deep and emotional... I love it!!!! <3 It has a good story line and reminds me a bit of the story line from the song Taylor Swift - Story of us :) If you could read my movella "Scarlet Blaze" and let me know what you think of it, that would be great thanks <3 :3
    Calling CPS wouldn't help; all that would do is separate Joey and I. I won’t let that happen. I can take a few beatings from George for my brother. I’m sixteen, two more years and Joey and I will be...
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