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    mumbled "SORRY"

    HEY GUYS im so so so sorry i have not been updating but in a week i will be back!!!!! and writing and finish both my movellas i have right now unfinished, thank you and love you!! :* :*
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    I like to have a short of fanfic everyone loves so if you love a certain boy of one direction a lot and you want a new fanfic of them tell me guys <3 right now i have a new Niall Horan one out and its pretty good so far i think let me know how you guys like it <3 :) :) :) :)
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    mumbled "Hey guys"

    Hey guys, so i just made a new fanfic and this one is a little bit differnt than my others but i thought i should make one more realistic in ways because i mean common people are now all about texting, twitting and most of all boys so anyways check it out comment your in put and yeah the new fanfic is called Effortless and its pretty much about a girl who likes this guy but she does still have fan girl feelings for Harry Styles, I hope you like it! and also check out my other latest Fanfic well its over a month old but still because im thinking about ending it in about 5-6 more chapters maybe, the next chapter for that one will be updated within next week or maybe even this week but just be patient im trying :) thanks guys im gonna be starting a new one this week or next maybe even today and its been worked on paper for about two weeks now so yeah byeee <3
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    mumbled "Hopeing to!"

    hey guess so for the holidays i tried a lot to get on lol anyways i have finished Cure me so go check that out im also thinking about starting a new one so check that out okay byyee :) <3
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    mumbled "Sorry"

    hey guys im going to be trying to finish all of my books for Christmas for everyone that will be my Christmas present to all my fans <3 okay :) oh and merry almost Christmas<3
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