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Hello out there! I am Xplozion, I started writing when I was just 10 years old, I wrote a bit yearly after that, and I still do that today... I write a lot of stories now a days, and I get inspiration from everything, I like to always try to make the newest stories I write even better than the previous ones...

I love Fantasy stories and most of my stories you see will be in the fantasy genre, since you can extend your story so much when it's regarding fantasy, I hope you find some of what I write interesting... My goal is to keep writing untill all my stories have been made...

The Forbidden Samurai

by , Saturday February 9, 2019
The Forbidden Samurai

The Forbidden Samurai

Coming soon!

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  • Xplozion

    mumbled "Hello people out there!"

    1 weeks agoReply
    I hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend, I am just sitting here and getting new ideas for so many new stories, and I am exicited to share it all. I am sure you all have a great story to be told yourself, and if you want to comment on this, I will try and see how many of you I can manage to check out, read some of your stories, and try to make a story related to that myself...
    I just wanna say, I have been reading a few of the many million stories in here, and I am impressed with a lot of people, you are all amazing writers and I am sure if you all keep going, that you can become something big one day.

    Have a nice day everyone, I can't wait to read more cool stories from all of you! :-)
    1 weeks ago
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

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