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Why write what people want to hear? You're your own person so write what you believe. There's no right or wrongs to poetry and stories. I like ghost and living dead stuff.. but that's just me.
My stories are unique so give them a read please?
By the way.. My stories have mild language but no major swearing; just a bit here and there.
Thank-you to all my likers!! :D

Much love fans;D

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    mumbled "Recent post."

    Sorry to the people who were offended by 'my' recent post. It was me and I was obviously hacked. 'The gays' wasn't written by me, i am in no way homophobic and i wouldn't write a Movella about people's sexuality, some of my closest friends/family's friends aren't straight and in no way would i go against that. Those of you who are true fan's would know that my Movella's aren't even of sexual content. I did not change my name to ''Roxanne_In_cock sag_'' and I only found out about this hacking earlier on today at school during 4th period.
    So once again, i'm sorry to anyone who may have or was offended.
    Keep Safe Movellians<3
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    My Movellas;D

    Hey Guys,,
    You know you want to stroll over to my profile and read my work?
    I'll favorite you if you do me because i'm nice :D

    Most of my stories involve death, well I think all of them do.
    I really need some likes and views.. I'm 14 and I must admit my English skills aren't very good, out of Math's English and Science, English is my weakest subject.

    But it might be worth a read.
    Thank you to anybody who does! It would be a big help <3
    6 years ago
    I read your books they are really good. I'm surprised you aren't one of the well known authors!:)
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    Read my unique idea!
    I am attempting to tell a story through a series of poem's and it's going pretty well. 6 likes in just 6 days!
    The person has Schizophrenia and think's they are being followed. Basically, they have a guilty conscience; something from their past. This is causing problems such as seeing shadows, feeling pressured, hearing noises and sensing stuff that is completely imaginary.
    I'm not going to explain it all out, because then you would have no reason to read it!
    It's a new idea and, i must admit, poem's aren't my strong point in Creative Writing.
    It would be a big help if you could Read, like and maybe favorite my book?
    I am open to any feedback, but comment on the book as i might not see it here.
    the book's name is ''there was a murder down my street'' <3
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