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Sorry lads! But I'm leaving. Just nothing here left for me. I apologise, but who knows. Maybe I'll come back a completely new SG! However, that being said, I am the one and only Jackie-TSG, and I'll catch you lads later!

  • Jackie-TSG (Gone for now)
    I said to my friend that I was going to spoil the GF finale, but then she calmed down when she remembered that I don't watch Gravity Falls, now she's just pissed. I'd spoil Undertale for her, but I'm not that evil
    How to annoy your friends
    How to annoy your...
    A guide on how to annoy the crap out your friends (for fun)
    2 years ago
    Ooh, yeah. Spoiling undertale would be the worst thing ever. If I told my friend how it ended she would kill me. (I'm being serous)
  • Jackie-TSG (Gone for now)
    Hey Chris! I have a small suggestion… please don't take this to heart. You could always call the police about Mal attacking and blackmailing you, but because the plot demands it I suppose you can keep quiet
    Mayhem Follows Me
    Mayhem Follows Me
    It's Total Drama: Mayhem and the past contestants of "Total Drama Revenge Of The Island" and "Total Drama World Tour" are coming back to compete for the 10 million dollar prize. Mal is one of the contestants...
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