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Hey, I fell in a pond in front of my class in school, hence my name. I'm 14 and I've been writing for quite a long time, however I have always lacked the confidence to show others my work. I look forward to constructuve criticism from this site and hopefully it will improve my writing.
I LOVE cats, I have 2, and also a dog called Basil. I also love cupcakes and reading, and as of recent I also enjoy anime and manga.
Be warned, I am a MASSIVE fangirl of: L, Mello, Light and Near (Deathnote), Kisshu (Tokyo Mew Mew), Vocaloid and Spock from the new generation Star trek films (yes, I know I'm sad). Anyway, I just put up my first movella, please read if you get the chance, thanks guys!

  • ThePondCreature
    Yay, you finally updated :D this was great, i want the fairy's clothes! Please upload the next chapter soon!!!!!
    Black Wolves and Fire
    Black Wolves and...
    "A shot was fired. Planting itself directly into my thigh. Blinding, terrible pain. The bullet, this time deadly, doing much more than putting me to sleep. I heard a faint and familiar voice near by. But...
    7 years ago
    I'm writing it right now :)
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