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    A girl saves the day for once

    Does any one ever get tired of seeing guys save the day and get the girl?
    I swear, one day if I make a movie, its going to be a pure action, angst, adventure and horror with a tough, short haired, flat chested female protagonist.

    No romance.
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    line spacing and quotation marks

    I just join movella, and I wanted to copy and paste a story I've been writing. But it turns it into 1 huge paragraph and puts " instead of ""

    Btw I tried this from my kindle fire.
    7 years ago
    Firstly, maybe try from a computer and try again later - the site's been undergoing a lot of changes over the last few days so it might just be a side effect of that which they'll get round to fixing. Or it could just be the kindle fire :)
    Sixth Legion Victrix
    Ooh, when you are copy/pasting stuff from a mobile device, (I use a Nook) you yave to format it. For example,
    To get something to look like this:

    Rain falls everywhere
    You can hear it strike the ground
    "Very wet," he said

    You would have to do this:
    <p>Rain falls everywhere
    <br>You can hear it hit the ground
    <br>"Very wet," he said

    So, <p> starts a new paragraph, <br>goes down to the next line, <b> makes it bold, and <i>makes it italics. That's all I've figured out so far!
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