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I'm pretty slow with updating books and I have a bad habit of taking them down to improve them so I apologise now. And I also had a lot on my plate right now so I'm gonna give this account a good restart and get my stuff together.

I have an Instagram, dedicated to photography. I don't show my face on social media, it gives me anxiety...

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    Victorian RP

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    King Erlking
    5 months ago
    Movellas updated and I can't tell if I love or hate it I'm so conflicted
    Finchy McFincherson
    (oh my god i'm shoooook)

    "Just a bit, you goofball." Aven giggled.
    King Erlking
    4 months ago
    He chuckled at her and looked around the house. "You know. I've never been one for saying something... Cheesy. But part of me feels like this house just isn't good enough for you and that you deserve better." He mumbled
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