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Sometimes, life gives you cute little dolphins, and sometimes it gives you poop. Eh. I'll take cute little dolphins.

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    Hello! This is H. K Simmons, and I must say that this book is very well written. Seems like one of my books (Beneath the Broken) from my old account (H. K Simmons), that you critiqued two years ago. I'm honored that you enjoyed my work, being that you liked it well enough to slip some of my work into your's, but changing it up a bit', until you got to the 2nd chapter which I must say, isn't like mine. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but it seems as if you got a lot of your ideas from my book. Although, I must say this is better written, and more detailed than my work (Taking into consideration I was only 12 when I started writing Beneath the Broken), I cannot ignore the fact that this seems awfully similar to mine.

    Thank you for your time & consideration,
    H. K Simmons

    (PS. In no way am I doing this for other attention, only the author's. I would just like to handle the situation in a calm, orderly manner. Please forgive me, if I am indeed wrong. I make mistakes, like every other human being. Honestly, this book, so far, is nicely written and beautiful. <3 I just would like to know, if in fact you got some ideas from my book.)
    Love After Death
    Love After Death
    My name is Evangeline Morton. Three days ago I was in great pain in a hospital bed, surrounded by my friends and family. I had been diagnosed with a common type of kidney cancer. Notice I use the past...
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    THIS IS SO GOOD OMG. I really hope you haven't abandoned this story because, I'm in love <3 You deserve way more reads, favorites, and likes. I swear if I could like, and favorite this as much as I wanted, you would have a million! I beg you to please update this! Way too good, to abandon. <3
    Read to find out.
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    mumbled "INTERNETIES PLS HALP. "

    Hey, you guys. Try checking out the first two chapters of my new book >Above & Below<.
    I'd really appreciate! Thank you all, Interneties! xx
    Lots of Internetie Love, HK. Simmons
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    OMGGG. Gurrrrl,, this is an amazing read! I could read this foreveaa. You have an amazing technique with your writing but, may I suggest to go back and edit if you ever have the time. Also, if you really enjoy writing: why not expand && explore your vocabulary! This is amazing, girliee. Update once you get a chance, hun! <3 Thank boo~ c:
    That's not my Boyfirend
    That's not my Boyf...
    Meg wants a normal high school life with partys, shopping and sleepovers - but it's not always easy when your are together with the schools smartest student, Spencer. One night Meg meets Josh. He is athletic,...
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