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I'm new to this site and I still haven't gotten used to any of it yet. I'm also in my mid-teenage years and everything is going pretty rough. I'm not very fond of chocolates but I'm in love with Pizza. I used to hate shopping, but now I'm growing to love it.
It's summer in my country and I hate it because the absence of school means the absence of friends and I pretty much have nothing to do except eat and eat, which makes me fat.
I like reading fantasy novels and action that has a little romance to spice things a bit. I have an action story myself and I don't think it's going very well.
Well, that's me. The hobo. Thanks for reading my description though you're yawning of boredum right now.
Enjoy your life while you can, because nothing lasts forever.

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    mumbled "I don't understand"

    I'm new and I still don't understand this site very much and I'd like to know how to advertise my story Summer After High School, because I haven't gotten any reads, comments or reviews from it. I'm just worried...thinking that my writing sucks and all.
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