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Hey! Moved to: The Multi-Fandom Girl (I won't be getting on this profile anymore.. But yeah! Hope to see you!)

*Cough* the name should explain *Cough*

I am an anime freak, I am new to it though.. Here's some animes I like:

Ouran Highschool Host Club
Baka to Test
Fruits Basket
Soul Eater

If you haven't seen some of these, I recommend them! I hope you like my books. If there's an anime you want me to see, please tell me! Nothing gory or inappropriate. *shudders*

So, you can request an anime for a fanfiction. If I don't know what it is, I'll tell you and I'll watch it. The fanfiction may take longer because I had to watch it.

Ah, please follow/fan me! I love making new friends.

Fans and comments really help me, if you ever want to make a shared account I'd love to help you or be in it~!

I really love talking to you guys. I'm terribly sorry about those two popular books I was writing. I lost contact with this place and when I came back, they were uber-popular! I mean, wow!


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    Soooo Sorry Guys! (PLEASE READ)

    Guys, I'm sorry I haven'y been active and all. I've been having family problems and yada yada but we're not here to talk about that!

    We can start whenever you guys want, I simply created the group. You guys run it! Pitch in ideas when you think we should add something. I want this group to be crazy and loud where we can all be friends and just get along!
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    Este libro parece muy bueno, pero no puedo leer la mayor parte de esto, me estoy tomando español , así que ahora voy a leer a medida que aprendo , Lo siento si esto está mal escrito , estoy teniendo que usar un traductor en mi teléfono. :)
    ¿Una chica más?
    ¿Una chica más?
    Zayn Malik y tu.
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    mumbled "Early Access "

    Hey guys, so I found this thing called "Early Access" and I'm thinking about giving you guys the code. Then you could, like, see where I am in the book you like. If you want it, tell me what you think I should do. ^^
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    mumbled "I'm so Sorry Guys"

    Guys, you will never know how sorry I am!!! I feel really bad about forgetting about this website but I have some good news.

    I got a new laptop (it's a Chrome Book) so I'll be able to update faster!!! Yay!

    You see, I had the movellas app on my iPhone 3, but it got washed and I lost everything on it. I got a new iPhone 5c a couple days ago and I FINALLY re-found the app and website.

    Bad thing is, the iLeap/Leap test is tomorrow so I have to go to bed at 9 tonight and it's 8:01. Time to type at Sonic speed. I replied to all the comments I had even though they're MONTHS old and I really hope everyone didn't give up on me. If you haven't, could you comment below? It'll help me know I'm typing this for a reason. :) Bye guys, hope you'll like the new chapters!!
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    mumbled "Gamegirl"

    Morning! *enter extreme yawn here* so, I promised @gamegirl I would update 'Adopted by the Unthinkables' this morning so.... here I am! Wish me luck, I'm gonna go start the chappie now.
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