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If you don't ship Larry, your existence disgusts me.

  • The S.S. Larry Ship
    Update. ;-;
    Dear Harry // xx.
    Dear Harry // xx.
    This is the story of Larry Stylinson. The story of how two became one, and then one became two again. When Harry Styles feel in love with Louis Tomlinson in the late winter of his seventeenth year, he...
  • The S.S. Larry Ship
    ... It took me a moment to get #1.
    As Cheesy As It Gets
    As Cheesy As It...
    Literally some of THE worst jokes I've ever heard. So what do I do? Of course, I write a book about it
    7 years ago
    The S.S. Larry Ship
    And I was there with you, reading them out loud.. #LifeOfAFail
    Fantasy Dream
    7 years ago
    For number one, never go to the dentist. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!!! Once my tooth was pulled out and me and my mum told the assistant dentist NOT to pull my tooth out. And then she goes and pulls it out. I end up screaming for five hours.
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